Author's websites

In a previous post I asked about books with a local connection and had a couple of really good suggestions, I am definitely going to check out The Voyage of the "Silver Bream" by Theresa Tomlinson and Dear Nobody by Berlie Doherty. Perhaps even better they both have fantastic website's, in particular Theresa Tomlinson's has some fantastic short stories to download, including one called The Sheffield Thwitel, which is great.

This got me looking at other author's websites, starting with those recommended on the Kids' Books UK blog.

So in no particular order are some of my finds:
What do you think? Any other suggestions?


New Children's Laureate - born in Sheffield

Just a quick post in the first week back after the summer holidays. Thanks to the Sheffield Libraries webpage, I have just learnt that the new Children's Laureate, Anthony Brown, was born in Sheffield! I always thought his books had a very Yorkshire feel to them, I think it's those tanktops.