Getting Linking 3: More online resources

[Update: I have gathered all posts like together under the title Getting Linking]

I think I will start a regular feature, links to online resources. With links to printable fun sheets and other ideas for reading partnerships.

I have already made a couple of posts:
I'll try and think of a good name for this new series, but in the meantime here are bunch of links for you to explore:

The Teachers Corner - Lots of great printable work sheets, and other resources

The Children's Laureate - Activity sheets based on Michael Rosen's books

Roald Dahl Day Treats - Games and activities based on the classic author's books

Timless Teachers Stuff - This site is a bit overwhelming but there are some perfect resources available

Fun Brain - Some nice ideas based around popular books, films and facts

BBC Skillswise - Downloadable sheets and online resources

RHL School Reading Comprehension - Worksheets including stories, poems, essays, and articles

British Council Print and Do - Activities with a geographical theme

Ambleweb Literacy Hour - Loads of literacy activities

Activity Village - All sorts of resources (we have used their Harry Potter games recently)

Armoured Penguin - Tools to make you own word-searches, crosswords and other word games (I love the name of this site)

Online tools
The following sites provide links to activities and games to play online

Fun with Words - Play Boggle, Hangman and other games online, lots more to explore too

BBC Bitesize KS2 - Help with spelling and grammar

East of the Web Word Games - Word games to play online

Wordnik - This is a bit different, it is a huge online dictionary, thesaurus and search engine all rolled into one, you can contribute too

VocabSushi - Play games and build your vocabulary

Have Fun


Please leave this toilet...

There have been students from local schools visiting the Bannerdale Centre where I am based to do some exams. I like to think the student who 'adapted' this sign in the toilets was once in a Reading Matters partnership, they have a clear love of words.


Summer Festivals in Sheffield and Rotherham

Reading Matters are not formally involved in these festivals, but I am sure we will be represented at some of the many excellent events taking place in Sheffield and Rotherham in the next few months.

Sheffield Children's Festival 2009
13 June to 4 July
Some things that caught my eye were the Poetry Wall at Banks Street Arts, a performance of the BFG and associated fun day at the Lyceum, and the many theatre performances by pupils from Sheffield schools.

Sheffield Young People's Film Festival

25 June to 9 July

I particularly like the look of the Dreams 2012 programme on 27 June at the Showroom Cinema.

Rotherham Children's Book Festival 2009
27 June to 4 July

I don't know where to start with this lot, so many good things; Family Fun Days across Rotherham on 27 June, Story Teller Ben Haggarty at Wickersly Library on 29 June 7.30pm-9.30pm, Shonaleigh at the Central Library on 2 July 6pm-7pm, and finish up with a Storywalk in Clifton Park on 4 July 2pm-3pm.

I can't wait.


The English Language is Dum

Edward Rondthaler was born in 1905, but as this video reveals, he has a real empathy for young people struggling to get to grips with English. I love this:


SUFC and PwC - best book forward

The title stands for Sheffield United Football Club and PricewaterhouseCoopers. I was hoping to return after my half term break to gloriously report that we are working with a Premier league club. Sadly this did quite pan out, and Sheffield United will remain in the Championship, but more importantly some of their staff and their corporate partners will be attending reading sessions at some schools close to the SUFC Academy this term, as part of their best book forward project.

We had a excellent training session at the swanky PwC offices in Sheffield, it was great to have such a diverse bunch of mentors, I am sure they will all do really well. The next step is to prepare some specific materials and get them going!