Getting Linking 1: Some online resources for Reading Mentors

[Update: I have gathered all posts like together under the title Getting Linking]

I have my first volunteer training session this week, so I thought I would gather together some of the resources I have come across recently. I hope they will be of use, and is a good example of what this blog is all about.

Ed Helper
An strong American bias, but some excellent customisable resources to print-out.

Stories from the web Stories and other resources on a books/stories/reading theme.

My Child Large range of useful printable resources.

BBC RaW First chapters of a range of well selected books (also games and other resources).

Drop everything and read Downloadable, printable activity sheets and more.

The DFC Online comic site with games and other resources.

Harper Collins - Children's Some nicely presented printables based on children's books.

Penny Arcade Comics based on computer games.

First Choice Books Tool for finding book recommendations.

Teachers Domain Site aimed at American teachers, but some resources may be of use.

Purpose Games Mainly geographical based online games. Quirkles Some fun reading material on a science theme.

Anorak Magazine Community based magazine with lots online with a reading theme.

Poetry Archive Poems organised by author and subject, can be print or audio.

New Fairy Tales Downloadable fairy stories.

Etymonline Find the origins of words.

Helium Community submitted articles, on a range of subjects.

Barnaby Bear Some downloadable resources, mainly on a geographical theme.

Parents Choice Various Resources aimed at parents.

Owl at Purdue Some quite technical info about grammar, punctuation and the like.


Richard Hanks said...

A couple more that have come out the woodwork since I posted this:

Kid Printables

School Express

Stuart Hill said...

Thanks to everyone who attended the "Reading Matters" training course this week for making it an interesting and enjoyable couple of days.