Names and faces

I have had a great week, but a testing one with lots of new names and faces!

On Monday and Wednesday (8 and 10 December 08) I delivered my first Training for Reading Matters Volunteer Mentors (as I mentioned before when offering a few resource suggestions), with the very able assistance of Paul Woods from the Reading Matters Dearne Valley project.

I hope all those that attended will agree, but I thought it went really well. It was a very nice relaxed atmosphere, which meant the very impressive turn out everyone could and did contributed. Inevitably the bits that worked best, were those where the volunteers worked together on the reading exercises, and this with this in mind I am sure we can do a bit more to spice up the other 'talky' bits next time round. It was such an inspiring bunch of people with so much enthusiasm and creativity, I have now been energised to get all there school placements sorted out, so I won't go in to much detail, and although I threatened to take a few photos we were so focused on the training I didn't get round to it.

Following on from the training yesterday (11 December 08), I was at head office for our staff day. It was the first time I had met many of the other Reading Matters staff, so this was great. We got the opportunity to talk about the positive future that Reading Matters seems to have lined up, and eat a few mince pies!

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