Peace in the Park Festival Self Help Africa Reading Aloud World Record Attempt

Via the Reading Zone Website, I learnt about a great event at my favourite local festival.

One of the chosen causes at the Peace in the Park Festival on 4 June 2011 in Sheffield is Self Help Africa. At the festival they are going to try and break the World Record for the most adults reading aloud to children.

They will be reading Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book led by story-teller Shona Leigh, and will be attended by adjudicators acting on behalf of the Guinness Book of Records.

I go to the festival most years, it is always great fun. This year sounds especially good!


Reading - Fun Stuff

I haven't posted for a while. So to get back in the swing of things. Here are some fun/silly things about reading I have spotted recently.
Attack of Literacy! T- Shirt
Available now from the rather marvelous Threadless website.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Poptropica Game
Play as Greg and in other games on the Poptropica site!

The Great Dr Seuss Read Aloud Competition
Enter a video, win prizes (or just watch)!

Captain Kirk - should have been a librarian!

Confessions of a Book Fiend
Available as a print from Incidental Comics.