The Toymaker By Jeremy De Quidt - Random House Review by Reading Leader, Sabeela Mahmood from King Ecgbert School

A few weeks back I was sent a stack of new books from Random House. I passed these on to King Ecgbert School, to be reviewed by our Reading Leaders there. Well I got the reviews this week and to my astonishment they are all by the same Reading Leader, Sabeela Mahmood. What an accomplishment; these are not short, simple books.

To do justice to Sabeela’s reviews I will post them up one at a time once a week or so.


The Toymaker
By Jeremy De Quidt


The story is about a boy called Mathias who finds a hidden piece of paper inside the collar of his dying granddad’s coat. Then he has to run because of the many people who would love to have that piece of paper. Along the way he meets a girl out for revenge, a friend of a strange type of people called Burners and his jealous brother.


The main characters are Mathias, Katta, Koenig, Stefan, Anna-Maria, Lutsmann and Dr Lieter.


The book was an intriguing story. It kept me hooked. The plot had many twists and turns and it’s a book that you can’t put down. The words used by the author are not complicated so it is very suitable for all teenagers. I would definitely recommend this to other readers. The only thing that could be made better was the ending. It isn’t a very satisfying ending. You don’t know what happens to some characters when they leave the building. But apart from that a very worthwhile read.

By Sabeela Mahmood

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