Observer Article: Parents 'must let children choose what they read'.

There was an interesting article in yesterday's Observer; Parents 'must let children choose what they read'. It is hard to argue with the article which is based on, findings by Michael Norris in the Book Publishing Report. But I do get frustrated that so many articles like this appear from the publishing industry. My guess is that the Observer article is based on a press release from the publishing group. The ultimate aim is to sell more books. I have no problem with this, but I'd love to see a similar number of articles based on findings from librarians, teachers, parents or literacy charities. I suppose these groups are just not as skilled in preparing eye-catching press releases.

Despite my moaning, here are the rather good five tips for parents on how to make happy young readers.
  • Don't make reading a chore; it is not "good" behaviour
  • Let your child choose their own reading from a handful of selected books
  • Don't edit their choice by the age range on the back: see what they fancy
  • Don't tell them what you enjoyed when you were their age
  • Stand back and let your child talk directly to the librarian or bookseller

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