The Dirty Dozen by Tony Bradman - Barrington Stoke Book 25

With the World Cup still in full swing, I picked a football themed book to review next, The Dirty Dozen by Tony Bradman.

Robbie gets his mates together as a football team. But his motivation is not what it appears. He wants to get into another team of richer kids, who snubbed him before.

Robbie's team-mates aren't stupid and they realise Robbie is not the team player he pretends to be. His best friend Gary is involved for the right reasons, and he takes over the coaching. Gary feels betrayed by Robbie.

Robbie realises he is behaving just the same as the spoilt brats he was trying to beat.

You can probably guess how it all ends, but there are some very well described episodes to get to a feel-good conclusion. The Dirty Dozen is a short book with plenty of pictures.; perfect for a bit of World Cup inspired reading.

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