The Best Holiday Ever by Pete Johnson - Barrington Stoke Book 31

Just like I have over-dosed on Alan Gibbons recently, I have had a bit of a run on Pete Johnson. I see his books everywhere, so thought I best check them out. The TV Time Travellers has been shortlisted for the Sheffield Children's Book Award Shortlist 2010 and How to Get Famous was the Community Library favourite last year. I can recommend both of these slightly longer books set today, in realistic settings with characters that are very easy to relate to.

The Best Holiday Ever is no different. It is a very easy to read story about three girls on holiday on there own for the first time. These three different characters are just like any girls of a certain age and anyone can identify with their exploits. Having said that, the book is going to be mostly for girls who are just getting a desire for more independence.

There is not much of a plot to The Best Holiday Ever, but as the girls holiday develops it is fun to read how their personalities and relationships to each other change. It is amazing to think it is written by a middle aged man, but Mr Johnson has a real knack for getting into the minds of his teenage characters. I'm looking forward to reading more of his books.

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