Sterling and the Canary by Andy Stanton

After a full year of Barrington Stoke book reviews, I have not done any for months. What better way to get back on track with Sterling and the Canary by Andy Stanton author of my favourite Mr Gum Books.

It's all about Sterling Thaxton's attempts to get new girl Lizzie Harris to go out with him. A fairly standard sort of plot, but it's the language that makes the story fizz. Sterling "flopped around the house like a bored pancake", brilliant!

There are some great recurring jokes too. It starts raining every time Lizzie breaks Sterling's heart.

There is a super ending. With the the help of the Canary, Sterling realises what he actually wants has been right under his nose all along.

It feels like a modern take on a fable.  I had to re-read it immediately, it's the sort of book you have to read twice!

It's a hard book to review, I had to go back and take out a lot of my 'ironic' exclamation marks! I really like the way Andy Stanton writes. As you read the words just flow, but you can tell it is very carefully crafted. I loved it.


Anonymous said...

I loved it too - it does show how versatile AS is. As you say, very carefully crafted - different from Mr Gum. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Andy Stanton here, I suppose I can't really prove that but you'll just have to trust me.

'Stering' fact: Dr Edward Macintosh was originally going to be called Hospital Wall - which makes sense if you know how Dr EM got her name - but my brother and another friend thought that was just too abstract and cold. I think they were right.

Anyway. I'm mainly here to say thanks very much for your review, and double thanks for noticing that I *don't* just fling the words down and let them land where they will. I wish I could, believe me - but no. Unfortunately it always comes down to good old-fashioned hard work. What a bother it all is. But hey, reading a review like yours makes it all worthwhile, it really does.

Thanks again!


Your friend and mine

-andy s.

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