An excited start

OK, so I am pretty excited and I don't know where to start.

The basic idea is that I'll use this blog to track my experiences at Reading Matters, the people I meet, the events I go to, the training I undertake, the stuff I read and so on. But it is going to be much more complicated than that because I have a lovely sticky new daughter, Rose, and I think some personal stuff is going to creep in quite a bit.

The first thing I did in before starting with Reading Matters and whilst we waited for Rose to arrive, was to get a couple of the Ultimate Book Guideout of the library. This alone made me pretty excited, so many cool books to read, new ones, classics and ones I read when I was younger.

This is indicative of how I don’t know quite where to start; I guess it’s always the case with a new job. Just thinking about what I might start reading, I thought I’d be able to get going with a few books aimed at the sort of age ranges Reading Matters generally works with. But it is nearly impossible to choose, and add to this all the other things I might spend my time reading; books for and about babies, the policy and training stuff from Reading Matters and the growing pile of impulsive charity shop purchases of books I ‘should’ read, a preponderance of rather ‘heavy’ classics still on the shelf. Then there is all the other stuff I should be doing with my time, both at home (DIY, cleaning, exercise), and at work (getting familiarised at Reading Matters, setting up some other systems and the day-to-day it’s all quite overwhelming.

But what a great position to be in, it’s all there to be explored and enjoyed, and I couldn’t be happier.

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