Meeting my first volunteers

On Tuesday I met my first couple of Reading Matters volunteers. They were both incredibly competent, so Elaine (Belcher, my predecessor) gave them a nice short-and-sweet version of the Reading Matters training session to get them up and running and ready to start in Sheffield City School the next day!

I was hugely impressed, both by the volunteer’s aptitude and enthusiasm and Elaine’s skill at informing and inspiring them.

One of the volunteers was from the Sheffield Dyslexia Centre (Sheffield Dyslexia Centre, Unit 6, Riverside Court, Don Road, Attercliffe, Sheffield S9 2TJ, Tel: 0114 2441777, there is a great article on the BBC CSV Action website with lots of information). It was a great example of the extended network Reading Matters has developed; expect a presentation at a future Volunteers Meeting.

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