Getting Trained

I am trained!

Over two days last week (1 and 2 Oct 08) I completed the Reading Matters volunteer training course with the Leeds Reading Matters project at the very leafy Elmete Centre.

I really enjoyed it, and I could not believe how quickly the time went. At some point I will be delivering the course myself, so I felt a bit of an imposter because all the other attendees were getting prepared to start with their reading partners in local schools.

I was very lucky because it was a great group of volunteers; a very friendly cross-section of students, retired people and professionals who have found some time in their busy schedules. They all brought something different and, for me, it was a great insight into the generosity of the people who give their time to Reading Matters. Although, having said that, it is clear what a buzz the volunteers get from the reading sessions with young people.

It was also great for me to meet Lisa, Christine and Janet from Reading Matters in Leeds.

As well receiving the training from them, I was able to spend a bit of time getting the benefit from of their years of experience at Reading Matters. The Leeds project is a perfect model for me in Sheffield and Rotherham.

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