Books without words

I visited King Edward VII (lower) school earlier in the week. A bit of new year sickness and general busyness meant I didn't meet everyone involved with Reading Matters at the school, but we have a great reading programme there, with lots of potential for future work.

I have a lot of meeting in libraries and I am always getting distracted by the materials on offer. The library at King Edward's was especially good, it even had a nice little veranda for outdoor reading; it was way too cold when I visited, but in the summer it will be a perfect spot for
Reading Matters sessions.

I even got a bit of homework; to find a particular book that tells a story without any text. I am not sure I have exactly the right one, but Flotsam by David Wisner looks pretty good. Books that do not use words might seem like an odd choice for a organisation that is all about reading, but they are a perfect way to get reluctant partners familiar with books, to use their imagination and not be intimidated by text. A good idea for an early Reading Matters session. Flotsam seems to be pitched just right and although it is a 'picture book' I don't think it will be viewed as being 'to young'.

Whilst researching I came across a number of other books without words that might be of interest:


Richard Hanks said...

Bit of an update.

The K5 Blog has linked to this post and embelished on the theme of wordless books, worth a look.

Also, another wordless book is covered on the eensies blog, Wave
by Suzy Lee, looks great.

rebecca said...

I'll definitely be checking out these titles. Thanks for the link!

Richard Hanks said...

Found a couple more worldless books worth recommending:

Chicken and Cat Clean Upand
The Arrival

vanessa said...

My favorite wordless book is Wave by Suzy Lee. Her illustrations are out of this world.