The Guardian's 1000 novels everyone 'should' read

I bought every edition of The Guardian newspaper last week, to see which are the 1000 novels I must read. It was of course a very interesting list, but I found it a little depressing. Very few people will have read anywhere near all of the books listed, and I think a better title might have been 1000 novels everyone should read.

It did make me think of the readers we partner in schools, and I know these supplements are not aimed at them, but this list is so far from their frame-of-reference. I look forward to the edition that lists the 1000 novels under 200 pages, with some funky illustrations and in a nice big font.

For what it is worth, the section that contained the most novels I had actually read was the Science Fiction and Fantasy section. This says much about my fourteen year-old self and the amount of free time I had at that age. To celebrate here is a picture of Alex from a Clockwork Orange, still my fancy dress outfit of choice.

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