New years resolutions

I had to think long and hard before writing this post, but I hope by writing a blog post I'll help keep two new years resolutions:

1. Read one Barrington Stoke book a week in 2010
I was really inspired by Barrington Stoke supporting our event before Christmas. Seeing their fantastic range of books made me realise that, although I recommend them all the time and we have good range we use in our reading partnerships, I have not sat down and read that many myself. So I am looking forward to reading 52 of them this year! To get me started I picked up Desirable by Frank Cottrell Boyce (thanks Barrie), I'll post a mini review next.

2. Leave more comments on other people's blogs

I love getting comments on this blog, and I was once very good at commenting on other peoples. I seem to have got out of the habit. So I plan to do a lot more this year. To inspire me I have signed up to the Comment Challenge 2010 organised by Mother Reader; so starting today I'll be commenting on five blogs a day for three weeks (well that is the idea)!


Erika said...

Good luck on your commenting. I'm giving it a try as well.

Anonymous said...

Good luck! Sounds like you have a positive action plan here.
I keep findinfg sites (literacy based) and find myself wanting to drill down further each time. I'd spend too much time on the computer if I did. But the blog watching sounds good.

Jim said...

Yea, comment challenge! Keeps me finding great sites.

Luisa at Chicklish said...

I've just found your blog as a result of a comment you left, so this is a good resolution! I'm enjoying your posts here.