Picking on Percy by Catherine MacPhail - Barrington Stoke Book 2

Second week of the year, second of my mini reviews of Barrington Stoke books. We use some audio of a Reading Mentor and her partner reading Picking on Percy by Catherine MacPhail in some of our training sessions. So I have heard the first few pages many times, but I am always concentrating on how the reading partnership is going, and not really focusing on the book itself.

Picking on Percy turns out to be incredibly similar to Desirable, which I read last week, both are excellently plotted and written, with similar a subject matter dealing with life as an 'uncool' kid in school, and both have excellent illustrations.

The illustrations, by Karen Donnelly and Dylan Gibson respectively, add enormously to both books, extending and supplementing the stories perfectly. So here's a tip, if you ever attend one of Reading Matters training sessions and hear the Picking on Percy audio. The pictures don't get a mention at all, this is definitely something the reading mentor could use to help their pupil partners understand and get the most out of the book.


Margaret Ann Abrahams said...

I love the mini review format. Many reviewers delve too much into the plot. Glad to find your blog.

Carl said...

Hey, I'm Carl from the Boys Rule! Boys Read! blog. I found you through the Comment Challenge and am glad to see other guys who are interested in geting kids to read. We focus on books for 9-12 or 9-14 year old boys and have lots of links to good sites for books for boys. Check us out if you need any recommendations for your boys.