A Kind of Magic by Catherine MacPhail - Barrington Stoke Book 38

A Kind of Magic by Catherine MacPhail is another book that Barrington Stoke don't seem to be publishing any more. Like Turnaround by Alison Prince, that I review previously, I think this is a shame. It is a mischievous little book that is bound to appeal to a certain audience.

A found or stolen fossil may or may not be magic. Either way the results include zits, the runs and a bit of snogging! It's pretty disgusting in places, perfect for a certain type of young person!

Despite, the gruesomeness, some interesting themes are explored; guilt, morality, the cause and effect of our actions. Two such ideas are quoted by characters in the story:
  • You get what you wish for
  • You get out of this word what you put in

A cheeky book like this, is a great way to explore these themes with a reading partner.

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