Wolf by Tommy Donbavand

I met Tommy Donbavand at the Doncaster Children's Book Award last year, he was short-listed for Zombie!, another Barrington Stoke book. He did a brilliant routine involving giant crabs and toilet-roll mummy children. It was obvious mnosters play a big role in Tommy's world. So it was no surprise to see his latest is Wolf, a werewolf tale.

Wolf tells the story of a normal boy called Adam's incredible transformation one evening, and the amazing reactions of his parents. 

Adam's first concern when claws rip out of his fingers "mum's going to kill me when she saw the mess!" That turns out to be the least of his worries, as a very gruesome transform takes place. The chapter names describe the process: Claws, Fur, Tail, Snout, Eyes, Spine and Teeth! I particularly like the Fur chapter; "it did feel like I was wearing a thick dressing gown."

More remarkable than the transformation is Adam's parent clam reaction to it. They are pretty prepared for it. As Adam struggles to overcome his animal instincts and work-out why his parents are behaving so oddly, it builds to a truly shocking final couple of pages.

Brilliant, horrific stuff. I hope I catch up with Tommy again soon, he is much friendlier in real life.

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Tommy Donbavand said...

Great review!

Delighted to hear you enjoyed Wolf; I had a great time writing this book. Many thanks!

Tommy Donbavand
author, Wolf