Free to download: How to Choose Children’s Books

I just got a copy of the free to download: How to Choose Children’s Books by Aaron Mead.

It is really comprehensive, and just a little over-whelming!

It contains
  • Practical tips on picking great books for kids of all ages—infant through young adult.
  • Guidance on what makes books attractive and developmentally valuable for children.
  • Analysis of themes, illustrations, stories, and the use of humor in children’s books.
  • Philosophical reflections on the role of children’s books in the development of moral character.
  • A comprehensive list of online resources for finding excellent children’s literature, including book lists, sources of professional book reviews, and children’s literature blogs.
A key message for me, is that just because a book looks attractive to an adult doesn't mean it is going to be right for a young person. 

It's an eBook so full of links to further reviews and resources. I think our Reading Mentorsfamilies and other people working one-to-one with young people will find it very interesting.

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