Mutant by Theresa Breslin - Barrington Stoke Book 15

Mutant by Theresa Breslin is a pulp-style shocker. It was inspired by the cloning of Dolly the sheep. Dolly was cloned in 1997, so I thought the book might feel a bit dated, but the ethics of cloning and genetic modification are still relevant and controversial.

We are thrown into story very quickly, by page 5, Brad, our hero is chased down a corridor by a sinister shadow. Fires, entrapment, sabotage, robberies and fights quickly follow.

New characters are dramatically introduced throughout. We soon learn one of them is up to no-good, and the suspension builds. Brad seems quite a passive observer throughout. At one point he is rescued by the only female character, this shouldn't have surprise me, but it did.

Despite the havoc in the Clone Unit's Mutant Human Parts Room (!) the research goes ahead. This is the most thought-provoking part of the story; are the scientists motivated by excitement, enthusiasm, financial gain or some other agenda? Whatever it is their naive persistence leads to a a classic horror movie ending, "slowly, slowly the lid began to open..."

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