Tod in Biker City by Anthony Masters - Barrington Stoke Book 14

The last three Barrington Stoke books I have reviewed have all had elements of non-fiction. With Tod in Biker City by Anthony Masters, it was nice to get a book that is pure story-telling.

Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Tod and his family struggle to survive as the world's water runs out. The Bikers dominate the landscape and make for excellent enemies. There are plenty of chases, fights and other adventures as the story races along.

The setting owes a lot to the Mad Max films, but it all feels very plausible, especially with the increasing threat from climate change. Pretty amazing because Tod in Biker City was first published in 1999. I think this fact is also reflected in the cover art, which looks a little dated, it doe not do justice to the exciting, contemporary story.

It is a quick, gripping read, exactly the sort of book Barrington Stoke are so good at.

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