The Beast by Michaela Morgan - Barrington Stoke Book 22

A bit like my last review (Coma), The Beast by Michaela Morgan was not quite what I expected from the cover and book blurb. It looks like it is going to be a scary sort of story. But the actual text, and especially the pictures have a very jokey feel. It does not really fel like a horror story at all.

It is still a very readable book. Robbie is telling his story about 'the beast' to a journalist. He is pretty good at it too, with a nice turn of phrase "the wind in the trees made a soft, sad sound".

Right from the start Robbie and his mate, Gaz, want to be stars. This is their reason for spending more time in the scary woods that is healthy. The fact they are being interviewed means they achieve their aim, but not in the way you would expect.

As well as being scared silly in the woods, the boys have to put up with a lot of laughing. Not only from their school friends but also the police!

Michaela Morgan has written a number of books for Barrington Stoke. They are all quite different. She is obviously very skilled at writing for this particular age and ability level, and The Beast confirms this.

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