Coma by David Belbin - Barrington Stoke Book 21

Coma by David Belbin was not what I expected. The big bold title and cover illustration suggested a horror or thriller. But Coma is simple love story. There is a lot of kissing and pictures of kissing!

The thrust of the book is how Todd copes when his girlfriend, Lucy, has an accident that results in a coma.

It is quite a challenge for him, as a new girl appears on the scene, will he betray Lucy? There are repercussions for his family life too. At one point his parents "[make] him go to Spain".

I checked out David Belbin's website to find out a little more about him. He is born in Sheffield and has a good taste in music. His other books cover some very challenging subjects which made Coma feel a little simplistic and predictable, for example both Todd and Lucy have very stable home lives with two married parents. I would have liked a few more 'rough edges'. However I am sure there will be an audience for Coma, an easy to read tale with characters to relate to.

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