Death Leap by Simon Chapman - Barrington Stoke Book 39

The Barrington Stoke website describes Death Leap by Simon Chapman like this:
Jake sees a murder and the hitmen are after him. He needs all his biking skills to survive.
And that really is all that happens, it is perhaps the shortest book I have read. The time period covered is a matter of minutes. The website also adds:
Adrenaline-fuelled page-turner.
And that is so true too. The short length and the fact that the action takes place in no time at all, means the story grips from page one and the pace doesn't let up until the end.

The minimal text is supplemented with great pictures of mountain bike action, gunmen and bloody injuries. It is a very simple story, but that is the point, it would be a perfect first book for an older reluctant or struggling reader, or a younger reader looking for a challenging 'older' book.

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