Flint by Chris Powling - Barrington Stoke Book 40

The first thing to say about Flint by Chris Powling is that it is really short, but from page one, you'll be hooked (excuse the bad pirate pun). This is because the action is in full flow when we pick up the story with cabin-boy Edmund and the bosun imprisoned by Flint, the evil pirate chief with a 'snake-like smile'.

The next thing to say is that it is pretty grizzly. Flint flogs to death the captain of Edmund's ship. There is even a picture to back-up the gruesome text.

Third point is the nice terminology, we learn what bilges, bosuns and cat o' nine tails are. The language is pretty fruity too, Edmund feels "as if the Devil himself has just farted in my face'.

The length, less than 50 pages and the blood n' guts and pirate talk, mean Flint will really appeal to blood-thirsty pirate lovers looking for a gripping read.

Edmund learns that he and the bosun are just being kept alive to bury the treasure, after which Flint will kill them, so only he knows the location. They even have to dig their own graves. I hope I don't spoil things by saying that by the end of the story no one is what they seemed at the start.

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