Watcher by Lee Weatherly - Barrington Stoke Book 41

Watcher is inspired by the by Lee Weatherly's visit to a school to do a writing workshop. I just wanted to take the opportunity to recommend this sort of work. I know a local school here in Sheffield where Bali Rai visited. This was a bit controversial, he is not the most 'politically correct' speaker, but this is exactly his appeal to the children he met.

Meeting authors in this way makes it clear they are just regular people with no super powers. Being a writer or whatever is accessible to anyone with the dedication.

The other benefit of authors visiting schools is new inspiration for books like Watcher.

It is a proper novel with dense chapters that move the story along and builds the tension.

Sarah tells her story, she is bullied and lonely and self-conscious about her weight. This in part due to her mum leaving seven years ago with little explanation. Sarah learns that her mum is living nearby and stalks her for an opportunity for revenge for her departure. This makes her even more moody and temperamental, and affects her relationship with her father and friends. Her behaviour becomes more an more extreme as she seeks to 'break in' to her mum's life.

The book ends quite suddenly after a dramatic resolution. We are left knowing Sarah's future is not going to be easy. But with everything out in the open, it is going to be better.

I know a lot of people will relate to Sarah's tale, feeling let down by her parents affects all aspects of her life, at one point she announces she is "fatter than ever". A modern story for older readers.

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